Writing about yourself is a funny thing.

I'll never feel as if writing a few, well structured sentences over a digital platform will allow me to fully describe to you the reason as to why I do what I do, or the stories of other people's lives my heart longs to tell. I also can't describe to you how I feel while photographing you crying over the letter the love of your life wrote to you on your wedding day, but just know that I'm trying my best to hold back my own tears with you (I'm being completely serious here; I've been caught shedding a tear or two while photographing by some of my previous clients - just ask them).

Since you are a stranger to me right now reading this though, I do feel it's important that you know that, although I love and have an appreciation for pretty things, I'm not driven by the aesthetics of what a wedding day entails. Simply and delicately put, I am driven by the people I get to share this incredible life and universe with. Human life in general has always fascinated me and left me curious, let alone the power of love in itself. It's this, my love for capturing genuine emotion and many years of experience later that has led me from experimenting with my first camera years ago to now photographing part of the human experience full time. 

I think it's best to describe my images as images that are built on a foundation of quiet, fleeting moments that evoke the honesty of a wedding day and topped with my own, unique sense of artistry. I tell my clients that when they look back at their wedding photos, I want them to feel every moment captured and how it felt to be at their wedding. This is the reason why you see my website laid out the way it is as "stories" and full-length storyboard galleries; with every wedding that I photograph, I view it as an emotional journey in itself. Where I feel as if I do my best work is when I have both a connection with my clients and those given clients aren't afraid to be more vulnerable and emotionally open for me. 

At the end of the day though, this isn't about me. It's about you. And, chances are, if you've gotten this far, you've probably felt a connection to my work. I would be honored to tell your story, so let's get in touch here and meet over coffee and/or some great food.

Photos by Alexandra Haynes